Spare parts/accessories


DAN-doors maintain a wide range of components for use in local production of doors all over the world.

This page features a list of most of our spare parts for the full range of our products.

Such components are used for the following door types:

  • Insulated hinged doors
  • Insulated sliding doors
  • Insulated swing doors
  • Polycarbonate swing doors

Our customers often describe the DAN-matic sliding rails as "the best in the business” - because they are easy to operate, hard-wearing, easy to maintain and quick to fit on the door leaf.

This is due to the unique design of the rail and its insert, plus the integrated recess blocks to form a tight seal against the door frame under any circumstances (cold or freezer room).

For our DAN-matic solution we offer two different systems, our 1800 system and our 2400 system. Both systems are produced for chill and freeze, and can be purchased as manual or automatic. The DAN-matic solution is based on the idea, that we will provide all the parts for the doors, but our customer will provide the doorleaf.

Our DAN-matic solution is represented all over the world, and is frequently used in the Middle East, Asia and South America.

If you choose to order a DAN-matic system you have a wide range of options, and you can allways add additional equipment.

Easy, fast installation ensures high productivity for door production and competitive sales activities. We have customers who estimate a reduction of 50% in installation time for a DAN-matic sliding rail system compared to our competitors.

If you need to know more, contact our Spare Parts Department on
+45 87 93 87 00


DAN-doors have massive experience within the development and production of intelligent door systems. That knowledge has been deployed into an international concept called DAN-matic, a concept that includes the provision of know-how and door fittings for the manufacture of cold and freezer room doors.


The concept is currently used with great success on a number of foreign markets, including Central and South America, the Middle and Far East.


When international customers need technical assistance, our experienced service team is despatched to resolve the problem on-site. We also offer our customers visits to our factory to share our knowledge within door production.