The best door solution should help optimise and add value to the company’s production. That's why involving considerations on door construction in the plans is an advantage. We are happy to provide our expert input in relation to production optimisation during the planning phase, to ensure any industrial building fulfils the environmental requirements of the future.
Regardless of its architecture and construction, we custom-design and manufacture the precise solutions for any industrial building able to provide the business it houses with even more flexible and efficient logistics. We also provide the opportunity to achieve significant energy savings by being able to maintain constant room temperatures.


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A decisive factor for product lifetime and operation is correct installation. Several of our products are delivered ready for installation, along with a detailed installation guide. But to ensure correct operation, many special products need our own highly-skilled fitters to install them, and to ensure that each component and mechanical part is correctly fitted and adjusted to ensure perfect operation.

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Our experienced fitters ensure maximum functionality with regard to any special installation specifications and subsequent backup. Installation is completed rapidly and flexibly to avoid unnecessary disruption.

Highly-trained fitters are strategically located throughout Denmark, to ensure rapid, efficient service. We also have our own fitters in a number of other countries plus a regular team of service engineers for customers in the rest of the world.

We produce customer-specific doors and sectional doors in stainless steel according to all applicable standards and norms. Strong competences mean we develop and produce quality solutions within cold and freezer room, fire and industrial doors.

Special manufacturing

We aim to fulfil the needs of any business for industrial and section doors. Products are made to measure and specification, with customer-specific functions in different models. For example: three, five or multiple-leaved sliding doors that can be fully insulated for use in freezer rooms - and in some instances act as a fire door.

Most of the custom work we do is for the meat processing, fishing, dairy, medical, manufacturing and retail industries, where high demands apply for durability and functionality.

In addition to our main products such as vertical sectional doors, ramps and sluice systems, we also supply sluice housing, traffic lights, loading piers, wheel guides, collision barriers and other relevant ancillary products. These too can be customised to meet the specific needs of the customer.


Doors and sectional doors can have a major influence on production in large companies. That’s why regular maintenance is vital to avoid disruption. Many of our customers therefore take out a service agreement to ensure that their doors always work perfectly.

Service work is often required after collisions in particular, and our service team is well trained and equipped for such incidents. We repair this sort of accident within 24 hours in Denmark and the rest of Europe. There are a range of benefits linked to a DAN-doors product. One of them is our service network - ensuring fast, efficient assistance.