S-539 ATEX

ATEX certified high speed door for explosion sensitive areas

The Dynaco S535 Atex has been designed for interior use in areas with a risk of explosions. The door has been officially approved by Apragaz and can be used in areas with a potential risk of explosion. All metal components are made from stainless steel, and other components comprise anti-static or electrically conductive materials. This protects against the accumulation of static electricity that could potentially cause sparks. The opening speed and sealing capacity improves traffic on site and acts as an energy saving solution for the customer. S535 is self-repairing and will automatically move back onto the rails in the event of an accident.

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Max. width 5500 mm
Max. height 5500 mm
Opening speed Max. 1.0 m/s
Closing speed 1.0 m/s
To be used Internally


  • Stainless steel structure with anti-static synthetic components
  • Rapid opening and closing speed
  • Self-repairing roller door
  • Limited maintenance
  • Certified in accordance with EN13241-1



High speed door for cleanroom

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