Manual 65 mm 1-Leaf Fire

DAN-doors' one-leaf sliding fire door has been approved for BS60 in accordance with DS 1052-2. The door is equipped as standard with labyrinth rabbets in S/S steel. The sliding fire door is a thorough and proven design that has demonstrated great durability and unbeaten strength in a large number of Danish and international companies. It complies with the strictest requirements in the food industry, where sustainability, hygiene and functionality are key. Thanks to its functionality, the sliding door ensures optimal and safe logistics in the workplace. The sliding door requires minimal maintenance and allows the customer to focus on the optimisation and flow of production.

Further information:
DAN-doors' manual one-leaf sliding fire door has been tested with reference to report no. F6933 and F7008. According to the report, DAN-doors' fire doors can withstand a 60-minute fire test in accordance with BS 476 Part 22, 1987 (DS 1052.2).

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Max. width 4800 mm
Max. height 3600 mm
Frame 1mm Stainless steel, insulated with fire batts
Insulation 50 mm Fire batts + 15 mm fireboard (plasterboard)
Sliding rail Stainless steel sliding rail and wheels
Door leaf 65 mm


  • The design complies with the strictest requirements in the food industry
  • Insulation comprising 50 mm fire batts and 15 mm plasterboard ensures low energy consumption
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ensures optimal logistics in the workplace
  • Certified in accordance with DS-1052.2

MH0601B 60 min

60 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)

MH0602B 60 min

60 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)


Manual 65 mm 2-Leaf Fire


Automatic 65 mm 1-Leaf Fire


Manual 65 mm Fire


Automatic 65 mm Fire

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