MH1001B120 120 min

100 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Standard)

DAN-doors' latest fire door programme has been certified in accordance with EN 16034-1 and tested in accordance with EN 1634-1. The doors have been classified as El2-30, El2-60 and El2-120. The test method for the doors has been significantly tightened in relation to DS 1052-2 as the doors are now tested from two sides. Our fire doors provide the customer with the opportunity to invest in certified durable solutions that, over time, could provide competitive advantages due to their high standard. Fire doors can be supplied with one or two door leaves and are available in numerous different finishes, such as stainless steel AISI 304, acid-resistant stainless steel 316 and painted in a given RAL colour. The doors can be used both as exterior and interior doors.

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Max. width 1064 mm
Max. height 2427 mm
Frame 1.5 mm Stainless steel or galvanised
Insulation Rockwool with plasterboard
Hinges Stainless steel
Door leaf 100 mm


  • None or minimal maintenance required
  • Available in a choice of RAL colours in accordance with the customer's request
  • 1.5 mm frame ensures a long lifespan due to the strong structure
  • Also available as a burglar-proof door (RC4) in accordance with EN-1627
  • Certified in accordance with the latest European standard EN-16034-1

MH0601B 60 min

60 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)

MH0602B 60 min

60 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)

MH0621B30 30 min

62 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Standard)

MH0622B30 30 min

62 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Standard)

MH0621B60 60 min

62 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Standard)

MH0622B60 60 min

62 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Standard)

MH1002B120 120 min

100 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Standard)

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