MH0621B 60 min

62 mm 1-Leaf Fire/Chill

DAN-doors' hinged fire doors for heavy industry have been approved in accordance with DS 1052.2. Pursuant to this standard, DAN-doors' hinged fire doors can withstand a 60-minute fire test. The fundamental strength of the door is the strong design that provides the customer with significant savings on service and maintenance. The doors can be produced with one or two leaves, and there are several options available for the choice of finish.

The cold room is equipped as standard with draught strips for cooling as well as foam moulding to seal the door in the event of fire. The industrial door is the BS-60 door without the gasket. The industrial version is produced in accordance with the same principles as the cold room doors, except for the fact that it is without the gasket.

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Max. width 1100 mm
Max. height 2200 mm
Frame 1 mm stainless steel
Insulation 45 mm Fire batts + 15 mm fireboard (plasterboard)
Hinges Stainless steel with bronze bushings
Door leaf 62 mm


  • None or minimal maintenance required
  • Strong and durable design
  • Insulation of fire batts and fireboards ensures low energy consumption
  • Fire strips installed on both frame and door leaf
  • Certified in accordance with DS-1052.2


60 mm 1-Leaf Chill


60 mm 2-Leaf Chill

MH0601B 60 min

60 mm 1-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)

MH0602B 60 min

60 mm 2-Leaf Fire (Heavy Industry)

MH0622B 60 min

62 mm 2-Leaf Fire/Chill

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