60 mm 2-Leaf Industry (Heavy Industry)

DAN-doors' insulated hinged steel doors can help your company achieve a competitive advantage when you need to invest in durable door solutions. Advantages include lower energy consumption, improved workflow and fewer costs on repeat purchases and maintenance of the part of the production unit comprising different cold and freezer doors and gates. All of our hinged doors are available with different finishes, and the customer can tailor its own solution for industry, cold and freezer rooms.


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Max. width 2800 mm
Max. height 2500mm
Frame 1.5 mm or 2 mm stainless steel
Insulation PIR
Hinges Stainless steel
Draught strips Food-safe gasket
Door leaf 60 mm


  • Installed with food-safe gaskets
  • Polyisocyanurat foam is flame retardant, and at the same time it ensures a high insulation value
  • None or minimal maintenance required
  • Strong and durable design
  • The frame is insulated using mineral wool for optimal insulation


60 mm 1-Leaf Chill


60 mm 2-Leaf Chill


60 mm 1-Leaf Industry (Heavy Industry)


62 mm 1-Leaf Industry (Standard)


62 mm 2-Leaf Industry (Standard)

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