Fire Curtain 60 min

This fire curtain has been approved for 60 minutes at 1000 degrees. The fire curtains are used to prevent fire from spreading between areas or floors of buildings. The curtain is prepared for external ABA/ABDL signals so that it is automatically deployed in the event of fire. The E fire curtains have been designed using superior mesh and have achieved the best test results for their class, both in connection with testing and fire resistance. The certification means that the curtain resists fire for 60 minutes but there is no heat reduction on the opposite side.

The inlet box and guide rails can be painted in a RAL colour by agreement.

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Max. width Unlimited
Max. height 8000 mm
Curtain 2 layers of reinforced fibreglass
Guide rails Galvanised steel
Automation 230 V with built-in backup battery


  • Lightweight structure, requires minimal space
  • Prevents fire from spreading between areas of floors and buildings
  • Reliable structure requiring minimal maintenance
  • Available as wall or ceiling mounted
  • Certified in accordance with EN-1634


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