Stainless steel roller door with 100 mm insulated fabric, vertical action

DAN-doors’ AVR1001F automatic vertical high speed sectional door is a fast, reliable and silent insulated roller door for freezer rooms.

It’s fitted with a 100 mm thick (patented), high-insulating laminated fabric that makes the door ideal as a stand-alone solution (no need for a night door). It opens extremely fast, meeting the needs of the efficient modern business for:

  • Efficiency and logistics
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Safety

The AVR1001F was created to minimise energy consumption to increase the potential of cutting energy costs without having to compromise on the need for efficient logistics. The result is a door that is extremely fast, has excellent insulation and comes with advanced, automatic access control to optimise workflow and enhance safety at work.

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Max. width 3500 mm
Max. depth 3500 mm
Frame 1 mm & 2 mm stainless steel
Automation 3 x 400 V, 50-60Hz
Opening and closing speed 1.5m/sec - 0.5m/sec
Door leaf 100 mm insulated cloth
Safety Light curtain with dynamic blanking


  • Light sensor in jamb legs up to 2500 mm
  • Insulated door fabric to ensure low energy consumption with low U-value.
  • Vertical action minimises floor space needed
  • Reliable construction with minimum maintenance costs
  • Function principle ensures optimum logistics at the workplace


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