Thermo door Freeze 1mm

DAN-doors' thermo doors can be used as an alternative to our roller doors. The thermo door is an energy-saving solution that can be used in cold rooms and freezer rooms to ensure less heat/cold loss. DAN-doors' thermo ports contribute to a better working environment as the thorough design results in fewer issues with draughts as well as less dust and noise nuisance. The door can be installed on both the warm and the cool side of the wall.


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Max. width 3500 mm
Max. height 3500 mm
Automation 1 x230V, max 10A
Side and top cover 1 mm reinforced polyester cloth
Cloth 1mm polyester cloth
Running rail Anodised aluminium


  • Energy-saving solution for cold rooms and freezer rooms
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Cloth overlap ensures a seal and prevents thermal bridges
  • Reduces noise and dust nuisance

AR0031F 2 mm

Stainless steel high speed door with 2 mm reinforced curtain


Stainless steel high speed door with 7 mm isolated curtain


Stainless steel high speed door with 80 mm isolated curtain


Thermo door Chill 1mm


Thermo door Chill 7mm


Thermo door Freeze 7mm

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