Stainless steel high speed door with 4 mm isolated curtain

DAN-doors' AR0031K automatic roller door for cold rooms is a state of the art solution. Thanks to its design and speed, the roller door has been tailored for customers with high levels of truck traffic into their cold rooms. The roller door is equipped with a 4 mm strong double cloth with insulation between layers, acting as the perfect cold break and ensuring that the cold air is retained in the cold room during everyday operations. Thanks to its opening speed, the high speed door ensures optimal and safe logistics in the workplace. The thorough design minimises any issues associated with draught, dust and noise. The high speed door requires minimal maintenance and allows the customer to focus on the optimisation of production.


The roller door cloth is available in several different colours and can, in certain cases, be produced in special colours. It is also possible to add a print to the cloth, ensuring a more specific design of the high speed door.


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Max. width 4000 mm
Max. height 4000 mm
Frame Stainless steel
Automation 230 V / 50 Hz
Opening and closing speed 1.6m/sec - 0.3m/sec
Door leaf 4 mm thermo cloth


  • Edge protection in the bottom bar of the cloth ensures that the door stops if it meets resistance
  • The thermal cloth ensures minimal cold/heat loss
  • Built-in photo cells in both frame support legs
  • The high speed door has a self-repairing function in the event of collisions
  • Reliable structure ensuring minimal maintenance costs


Stainless steel high speed door with 2 mm reinforced curtain


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Stainless steel high speed door with 2 mm reinforced curtain


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