Automatic 2-Leaf Kit-set Freeze (0 - 400kg)

DAN-doors are offering you a number of proven solutions in quality sliding door systems for your own door production. One of the major reasons why you can rely on DAN-doors’ hardware is, that the very same components are used in our own highly esteemed doors, which leave our factory every day.
We have two different systems, with a large variety of options, so you can assemble your own custom DAN-matic set. Both the 1800 and the 2400 sets are available as manual, and as automatic kit sets.


DAN-matic 1800 Sliding Rail system
The DAN-matic 1800 sliding rail is designed for door weight up to 250 kg (with 2 nos. rollers) or up to 400 kg (with 4 nos. rollers). The versatile sliding rail system is made of either aluminum or stainless steel, and is available for 1-leaf as well as 2-leaf doors.

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Door leaf weight 0 - 400 kg
Frame 1,5 mm Alu. or stainless steel
Sliding rail Alu. or stainless steel
Gaskets Approved for the food industry
Automation 230 V / 50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz


  • Same high quality products, which are used in our own production
  • Large variety of options and solutions, to suit the customers needs
  • None or minimal maintenance required
  • Food-safe gaskets on both frame and door leaf
  • Huge savings on freight and packing costs
  • The operation of the automation, as well as the opening and closing speed, can be adapted to meet the customer's needs.


Manual 1-Leaf Kit-set Freeze (0 - 400kg)


Manual 2-Leaf Kit-set Freeze (0 - 400kg)


Automatic 1-Leaf Kit-set Freeze (0 - 400kg)


Automatic 1-Leaf Kit-set Freeze (400 - 800 kg)

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