DAN-doors A/S has just received the award of being among those companies in 2021.

12 October 2021

SparNord and BDO have chosen the 1,000 best performing Danish small- and medium sized companies in 2021 based on growth creation supported by continuous positive financial development.





That we are now among the best performing small and medium sized companies in Denmark, is the result of a strong network, to which we owe a great deal of gratitude: Our board and owners, Spar Nord, our suppliers and our customers, for whom we aim to provide the best advisory and the world's best and most intelligent door solutions.

And of course especially a huge thank you and congratulations to all DAN-doors employees. Well done!

new reinforcements for the sales team

16 April 2021

We are very happy to welcome back Giedre, after nearly a year on maternity leave.

Giedre will once again be part of our projects department, where she primarily will focus on the Danish market, and the support of our sales team.




We are also very happy to welcome Simon Abana to the team, where he will be part of our growing sales department.

Simon will focus his attention to the Norwegian and Danish market, where he will play a key part, in maintaining the level of service that our customers expect.

more than 500 doors to amagerværket in copenhagen!


29 May 2019

DAN-doors supplies more than 500 stainless steel doors, for the project, Amagerværket, which is a huge powerplant.

If you want to read more about the project, then please click the link below.

Read more - Click here!

new partner in stockholm

06 September 2018

Please click HERE to read the full statement!

For more information regarding the new partnership, please feel free to contact our Business Unit Manager in Sweden, Nicklas Näsholm.

new products avalible on the homepage!

19 June 2018

During the past year, we have worked on our brand new product catalogue. So we are extremely satisfied to finally be able to present the new catalogue, with over 90 different products.

Our goal was to make it easier for our customers, and partners, by giving every product an individual page, where you can find drawings, datasheets, catalogues and much more.

We are currently working on the final details regarding BIM drawings, which will allow architects and entrepreneurs to use our products in the early process of the tender documentation.

BIM stands for “Building Information Modelling”, and they are used as an integrated work method, in the tender process. BIM creates a closer connection between DAN-doors, and our partners.






The BIM drawings should be able to show potential problems, or solutions when it comes to dimensions and other specifications on our products. At the same time it will also make it easier, to asses which products are capable of being integrated in the given project.

If you have any questions regarding the new product range, then please feel free to contact our Project Coordinator, Kasper Boeriis, on +45 87 93 87 00 or on KBO@DAN-doors.dk

Introduction to the brand new AVR1601F

01 July 2018

DAN-doors A/S always tries to live up to the high demands from the industry. The recent demand for energy saving solutions for freezer rooms, which also provides a quick a reliable opening speed, as led to the development of the AVR1601F.


The AVR1601F is equipped with two 80 mm isolated curtains, bound up with 3 layers of tarpaulin curtain without a bottom bar. As a safety measure the door is equipped with light grid in the opening, with dynamic blanking.


It also has an emergency handle, which ensures that the curtain can be rolled back to its position manually. The AVR1601F is more or less maintenance free, which ensures that the customer can focus on their own production flow.


The AVR1601F is characterized by its high isolation value, strong stainless steel construction, quick open/close cycle, stylish design and its high quality standalone function.


The vertical function also provides optimum space ratio for the freezer house, where the shelf space is of high significance, because the door only obtains space over the wall opening. The standalone function also ensures that the customer will be exempt from further investments in a high isolated sliding door.


If you want to know more about the advantages that a AVR1601F can offer your company, please feel free to contact us at any time on DD@DAN-doors.dk or on +45 87 93 87 00.


On the below link you can find a catalogue, and a video.


Catalogue - Video


26 October 2017

DAN-doors has signed a contract of several orders for the new Campus Ås, which is the biggest ever expansion in the university sector in Norway. DAN-doors will supply 400 steel doors, for both exterior and interior use.

A long side the steel doors, we will also supply sliding doors, high speed doors, and fire curtains. Some of the fire curtains are huge, with a width of up to 18 meters and a height of 4.3 meters. In total they will cover an area of 77 m2!





For chill and freeze DAN-doors will supply 35 hinged doors in Acid-proof Stainless steel. DAN-doors will supply most of the doors in 2018, and in the beginning of 2019.

If you want to know more about this project, please contact our Area Sales Manager, Christian Kiledal, on CKI@DAN-doors.no or on +47 406 17 407.


You can also read more about Campus Ås HERE



DAN-doors has been awarded with the highest credit rating, AAA.

06 September 2017

We are very proud to be awarded the highest credit rating from Bisnodes Credit assesment system.



"This credit rating is of great importance to our partnerships in Denmark as well as internationally. The rating emphasizes that DAN-doors A/S now also from a financial perspective is a long term and reliable business partner."


Amdi S. Kjærgaard, CEO

New Chief Consultant to the sales department

13 January 2017

DAN-doors A/S expands the sales team with one of the most experienced people in the business.
Peter Dybdal is hired as Chief consultant from 13/01 2017, to support our customers on the Danish market.





Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the business, and we consider Peter to be the perfect man, to help us continue our growth on the Danish market.

Peter has a huge knowledge of products which requires fire certifications, due to his experience on the field.

DAN-doors A/S will participate in the Chillventa fair in Nuremberg 11-13/10 2016.



Chillventa is a global trade show that brings together professionals from the refrigeration, ventilation and insulation industry. The fair has had an average of 30,000 visitors since its beginning in 2008 and it is expected that there will be over 1000 exhibitors from all over the world to share their expertise and innovative mindset.

If you want to visit our stand, you can find us in hall 9, stand 516.

You can read more about Chillventa HERE

Warm welcome for highly-insulated high speed sectional door

New, highly insulated high speed sectional door from DAN-doors specially designed for freezer rooms. Saves on energy costs, ensures logistics flow and cuts maintenance costs

Few of us leave the front door open for long in the winter. The house gets cold quickly and it takes time and energy to warm it up again.
The same applies to refrigerated and freezer warehouses - only the other way round. Every effort is made to keep the cold inside to avoid expending resources on keeping the temperature down. Forklift trucks have to be able to get in and out of the warehouse, which requires access through the doors. That's why door quality is critical when it comes to reducing energy consumption.

From minus to plus

Cutting cold loss and energy costs despite frequent door use just got easier. DAN-doors have developed a new, highly-insulated high speed sectional door purpose-built for refrigerated and freezer warehouses.

“We completed development of the new door in late 2014, and have just installed one at Hørkrams freezer distribution warehouse in Hørning, just outside Aarhus. An extra 8,000 square metres of warehouse space had been built with our high speed doors between the warehouse and goods inwards/outwards area. That meant a temperature difference of over 35 degrees C, as the warehouse temperature is minus 25 against plus 10 on the other side of the doors. The materials used for the doors between the two zones is critical, and this is where our new door really scores in terms of insulation levels and open/close speeds,” says DAN-doors Sales Manager, Mads Borne.

Smooth logistics flow


Borne goes on to explain that the high speed doors consist of a flexible 80 millimetre thick door sheet that contains high-insulation material. U-value is below 0.5 W/m2xK.

“The door opens at a speed of up to 2 metres per second, and closes in 3 seconds. That means a door that cuts down the time it is open compared to traditional sliding sectional doors. Drafts and energy loss are reduced, whilst allowing easy, rapid logistics flow and access for the forklift trucks running in and out. The forklifts avoid having to wait for a slow door taking 5-6 seconds to open. The new door opens automatically when it detects a forklift approaching and then closes again. There are major savings to be made on energy costs and massive savings on time waiting for the door. What you get is quite simply improved logistics flow,” says Borne.

Major energy savings

“That's also what Hørkram finds,” explains Borne. This catering wholesaler supplies food products to canteens and catering businesses all over the country. The distribution centre has achieved vastly improved conditions that reduce its annual energy costs significantly.

“We've run tests with the door in the fish industry with a company in Northern Jutland and in Germany. A sliding sectional door in the same
environment and traffic flow as the one we tested is open 900 hours a year on average. That figure is reduced to 450 hours with the new high speed door,” explains Borne.
Hørkram were one of the first to invest in the door. Amatech, Hørkram’s prime building contractor for the new warehouse, convinced Hørkram of the advantages of the DAN-doors high speed sectional door.
Hørkram quickly realised the potential, which led to an order for four doors. The feedback received indicates that the entire setup works extremely well.

“Before we ordered the doors, we calculated the savings and looked at options for streamlining logistics with high speed sectional doors. We could see that Hørkram would save 60,000 kilowatts each year for each door. Those are figures that make an impression, and given that the doors also improve logistics, the whole situation looked highly favourable,” comments Borne.

Flexible door that never breaks

The savings themselves give a payback period for the doors of max. three years. Maintenance costs are also the absolute minimum.
“The best thing about the door is that it is so flexible. It runs in a frame that consists of stainless steel profiles. If a forklift truck drives into it, the door sheet simply pops out of the frame and can be quickly put back into place without damage to the sheet or frame. Hørkram are delighted, and tell us that it's a massive improvement. Previously, there was always a risk of the doors being damaged by collision; they were expensive to repair and there was always the risk of being unable to use it until it had been repaired. We avoid all that, as the truck driver can put the door back into place himself,” says Borne. He goes on to say that there is massive interest in the product and that DAN-doors have high expectations for sales.

“We've delivered them to freezer distribution centres in Sweden and Germany. Hørkram have already told us that we are part of their plans for expansion when they build new warehouses in Denmark. There's no doubt that the product can definitely be a best seller for us. We already have plenty of orders for it,” says Borne.


Take a look at our 80 mm insulated roller door HERE


27. november 2014

Christian Kiledal joins DAN-DOORS as Sales Manager in Norway on 1 January 2015.

Christian is 50 years old and joined us from DORMA, where he was responsible for sales of locks and fittings to the door industry in Norway, Iceland and the Baltic states.

Over 30 years of experience from the lock industry with manufacturers and wholesalers, plus extensive experience as a supplier to the door industry make Christian an important resource for our Norwegian customers. He will be responsible for developing sales in Norway, Iceland and the Faeroes, and help DAN-DOORS to become a significant supplier to the steel door market on these markets.

Christian lives in Lyngdal, Vest-Agder and will remain based there, but will of course spend a lot of time visiting customers. He is married to Tone and has 4 adult children from a previous marriage.