Corporate Social Responsibility

We consistently strive to develop and manufacture our products in the most responsible and sustainable manner.

Health and safety

The expertise and experience of our personnel are what make it possible to produce intelligent, high-tech door solutions. We therefore believe that our personnel are what makes our products different to others. DAN-doors therefore maintains focus on creating a safe working environment designed to ensure job satisfaction for our valued employees.


DAN-doors produce door solutions that last for decades. That's why we have a strict quality management system for our own production and that of our suppliers. Every part is hand made by our skilled and dedicated employees, who constantly monitor and test quality and durability of the functionality of our doors.

The Environment

We are well aware of our responsibility for the environment inherent in our extensive production facilities. That’s why we seek to apply a circular economy model in which sustainability and environmental responsibility are key areas. We develop and improve our environmental responsibility constantly, to ensure that we can deploy the production methods of the future.

For example, we limit our impact on the environment by an effective waste policy and consistent optimisation of production methods and consumption of e.g. electricity, raw materials and water.

Around 90% of our raw materials can also be recycled - even after being in use for 40 years.